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Listening to the Text: The Medieval Speech Bubble

By Julie Somers My colleagues and I at the Turning Over a New Leaf Project spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and reading about, well, reading. More specifically, we question the various forms of reading, as well as the … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Injured Book

By Erik Kwakkel (@erik_kwakkel) While our eyes are naturally drawn to pages filled with color and gold, those without decoration can be equally appealing. Indeed, even damaged goods – mutilated bindings, torn pages, parchment with cuts and holes – can be highly attractive, as … Continue reading

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From Sound to Image, From Language to Culture; A Review of Medieval Academy of America Conference 2014

By Julie Somers Last week the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America was held at UCLA in California. Every year this conference brings together scholars from all over the world to discuss and share experiences related to their … Continue reading

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“There’s a map for that!” Visualizing the Medieval World

By Jenneka Janzen Generally, a map is a visual illustration of an area, a means to symbolically represent spatial relationships between objects, regions, and even ideas. I bet for many of us we most commonly use maps to find the quickest bike … Continue reading

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Top Manuscript News of 2013

By Jenneka Janzen First, a very Happy New Year to all our readers from the Turning Over a New Leaf Project! 2013 was an exciting year for manuscripts! New technologies and growing digitization programmes enhanced avenues of access and exploration … Continue reading

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Dueling Cantors and Their Early Musical Notation

By Jenneka Janzen In my last blog post I briefly discussed one of my favourite manuscripts, the Cantatorium of St Gall (Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek Cod. Sang. 359). It survives as the oldest complete neumed manuscript. I also mentioned that early neumes, … Continue reading

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Medieval Manuscripts in America

By Julie Somers Last week, a post by Medievalists.net provided a map of the United States with all of the available programs offered in medieval studies. There are quite a number of institutions that have either a Certificate, M.A. or … Continue reading

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Voices on the Medieval Page (1): The Reader

By Erik Kwakkel (@erik_kwakkel) This is the first part of a series highlighting instances where medieval individuals added information to an existing book, either right after its production or centuries later. What precisely did scribes, readers, booksellers and librarians scribble … Continue reading

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