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Games of Thrones? Popular Medieval Board Games

By Jenneka Janzen Living without modern entertainment luxuries, what did medieval people do for fun? Surely it wasn’t all farm labour, praying, or jousting (to play into common misconceptions)? Believe it or not, several of our favourite board games originated … Continue reading

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A Look at Last Week’s Medieval and Early Modern ‘Words, Words, Words’

By Jenneka Janzen It’s taken for granted that learning or working in another language requires some use of a bilingual dictionary. Our favourite online dictionary or translation app relies on established tradition and innovative technology in organizing and presenting information. … Continue reading

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“Devil Be Gone!” : Temptation, Sin, and Satan in Medieval Manuscripts

By Jenny Weston For most God-fearing medieval Christians the Devil was ‘legitimately scary’. He (and his band of demonic followers) presented a very real threat to one’s spiritual fortitude—always out to trick, torment, and tempt good Christians into a life … Continue reading

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Toilet humour?

By Irene O’Daly One of the things that I first noticed when I moved from Ireland to Leiden was how clean the streets were, at least compared to Dublin.  Not only is there relatively little litter, but there is also … Continue reading

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