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Where Are the Scriptoria?

By Erik Kwakkel (@erik_kwakkel) This blog connects to two earlier entries in medievalfragments: Irene O’Daly’s recent blog on how scribes are depicted in medieval art (here); and Jenneka Janzen’s assessment of how we are to understand the “physical scriptorium” (here). Something struck … Continue reading

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Hairy Bindings and Golden Bookworms: My Research in Bruges

By Jenneka Janzen Access to digitized manuscripts online (see Irene’s Navigating the Digital World) is changing the way medievalists can and are expected to work. While the benefits of accessing an electronic facsimile for research with respect to preservation and … Continue reading

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Listening to the Book: Medieval Music Manuscripts

By Jenny Weston As a researcher studying the reading habits of medieval monks, I spend a great deal of time pondering the ‘world of the monk’. While I usually focus on the books that the monks were reading, I cannot … Continue reading

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Pondering the Physical Scriptorium

By Jenneka Janzen When meeting new people, sooner or later one is invariably asked “What do you do?” In my case, after providing my go-to brief description of Manuscript Studies, it is nearly always followed with “How did you get … Continue reading

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