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Making a Medieval Book: Workshops and Classes for the Curious Artisan

By Jenny Weston As manuscript researchers, we often study how medieval books were produced. We love to look at the quality of the parchment, how the book was originally bound, the character of the script, and the beautiful decorations. It … Continue reading

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The Boring, Ugly, and Unimportant – Biases in Manuscript Research

By Jenneka Janzen As I carry out my dissertation research, I’ve spent some time thinking about the role aesthetics play in which manuscripts are studied, and which ones are deemed too boring, unimportant, or ugly to attract interest. Certainly, it … Continue reading

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New Exhibition Starring the Leiden Aratea

By Jenneka Janzen Like a discerning foodie seeking out the rarest delicacies, or an adrenaline junkie dreaming of the next death-defying bungee jump, I too have a ‘bucket list’ involving one of my greatest passions: manuscripts. There are several manuscripts … Continue reading

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The Social Life of ‘Medieval Fragments’

Come visit our Flickr Photostream We have some great photos from the past Lieftinck Lectures and Manuscript Colloquia held at Leiden University Library. All available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/medievalfragments. Check them out! We’ve also recently opened a Facebook page where you can find … Continue reading

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A Medieval Saint in Modern Times

By Jenneka Janzen Being Canadian, naturally I’ve grown up with the jolly Santa Claus of North America. Although I’d heard some about the Dutch Sinterklaas, this week’s largely unfamiliar festivities have encouraged me to take a deeper look at the … Continue reading

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