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“Devil Be Gone!” : Temptation, Sin, and Satan in Medieval Manuscripts

By Jenny Weston For most God-fearing medieval Christians the Devil was ‘legitimately scary’. He (and his band of demonic followers) presented a very real threat to one’s spiritual fortitude—always out to trick, torment, and tempt good Christians into a life … Continue reading

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New Exhibition Starring the Leiden Aratea

By Jenneka Janzen Like a discerning foodie seeking out the rarest delicacies, or an adrenaline junkie dreaming of the next death-defying bungee jump, I too have a ‘bucket list’ involving one of my greatest passions: manuscripts. There are several manuscripts … Continue reading

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The Proud Reader: Showing Off the Medieval Book

By Erik Kwakkel (@erik_kwakkel) When I started this post I set out to answer a very simple query: what is the oldest photograph we have of a real reader interacting with a medieval manuscript? The quest was sparked by a 19th-century photograph … Continue reading

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