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Early Musical Notation: A Look at the ‘Cantatorium’ of St Gall

By Jenneka Janzen This week, while playing with the iPhone app for e-codices, the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, I paid an online visit to one of my favourite manuscripts, the Cantatorium of St Gall (Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek Cod. Sang. … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Are: The Medieval Bestiary

By Jenneka Janzen While a bit denser than Maurice Sendak’s modern bed-time story, medieval bestiaries were, and still are, crowd-pleasers. A bestiary is a collection of short descriptions about a wide variety of (real or imagined) animals, birds, and in … Continue reading

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The Boring, Ugly, and Unimportant – Biases in Manuscript Research

By Jenneka Janzen As I carry out my dissertation research, I’ve spent some time thinking about the role aesthetics play in which manuscripts are studied, and which ones are deemed too boring, unimportant, or ugly to attract interest. Certainly, it … Continue reading

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A Look at Last Week’s Medieval and Early Modern ‘Words, Words, Words’

By Jenneka Janzen It’s taken for granted that learning or working in another language requires some use of a bilingual dictionary. Our favourite online dictionary or translation app relies on established tradition and innovative technology in organizing and presenting information. … Continue reading

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Hairy Bindings and Golden Bookworms: My Research in Bruges

By Jenneka Janzen Access to digitized manuscripts online (see Irene’s Navigating the Digital World) is changing the way medievalists can and are expected to work. While the benefits of accessing an electronic facsimile for research with respect to preservation and … Continue reading

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New Exhibition Starring the Leiden Aratea

By Jenneka Janzen Like a discerning foodie seeking out the rarest delicacies, or an adrenaline junkie dreaming of the next death-defying bungee jump, I too have a ‘bucket list’ involving one of my greatest passions: manuscripts. There are several manuscripts … Continue reading

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Pondering the Physical Scriptorium

By Jenneka Janzen When meeting new people, sooner or later one is invariably asked “What do you do?” In my case, after providing my go-to brief description of Manuscript Studies, it is nearly always followed with “How did you get … Continue reading

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