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From Sound to Image, From Language to Culture; A Review of Medieval Academy of America Conference 2014

By Julie Somers Last week the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America was held at UCLA in California. Every year this conference brings together scholars from all over the world to discuss and share experiences related to their … Continue reading

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When is a Book not a Book? The Medieval Book Shrine.

By Julie Somers While browsing images of medieval treasure bindings, I noticed that one example I was looking at was not actually a book at all.  In fact, it was an ornamented wooden case made to closely resemble a book. … Continue reading

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Medieval Manuscripts in America

By Julie Somers Last week, a post by provided a map of the United States with all of the available programs offered in medieval studies. There are quite a number of institutions that have either a Certificate, M.A. or … Continue reading

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Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe: The Antwerp Dialogue

By Julie Somers Against the backdrop of the beautiful convent of the Grauwzusters in Antwerp, Belgium the third and final interdisciplinary conference on ‘Nun’s Literacies’ took place June 4 – 7, 2013. Brought together by the pursuit to uncover the … Continue reading

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Digital Tools for Medieval Texts: Workshop at the Huygens ING

By Julie Somers At the Huygens ING in The Hague, researchers and program developers convened last week to discuss the creation of tools that are intended to help all ‘scholars-at-large’ of medieval manuscripts use digital technologies in useful ways. The … Continue reading

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Image Interrupted – The Unfinished Medieval Manuscript

By Julie Somers Recently, I received as a gift a pretty amazing coloring book full of images of medieval tapestries. Beautifully drawn copies of medieval masterpieces, yet empty and free to the possibility of re-creating them in my own fashion, … Continue reading

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Oh! The Places You’ll Go!: The Amazing Places Medieval Manuscripts Have Been Discovered.

Julie Somers Lately, as I investigate the networks along which medieval manuscripts traveled, my thoughts often turn to connections with my own books. When I look at my home library, although many of the stories remain with me, most of … Continue reading

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Dear Santa … A Wish List for the Medievalist

By Julie Somers With only ten days left until Christmas, many people (like myself) are still searching for the perfect gifts. In my internet shopping adventures I discovered some unique ways to share my love of the middle ages and … Continue reading

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Libraries, Museums and Disaster Prevention – Keeping things from getting Sandy

By Julie Somers Often when searching through catalogs on medieval manuscripts I come across descriptions that simply state; ‘fire damage, water damage or mold damage’.  I am immediately curious as to how this damage occurred? Was it recent or did … Continue reading

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Here Comes the ‘Scanabego’…

By Julie Somers Since the Library of Alexandria, knowledge has been collected and stored. It has been guarded and preserved for future generations.  However, it has also been the case that accessing these stores of knowledge can be difficult and … Continue reading

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